Good news for the industry

published on 09 August 2022

I am really happy that in 2022 finally we don't have to spend extra time explaining the return on investment of Eyrene as an AI solution to monitor shelf space.

I remember in 2016 people in the industry were telling me that AI is not providing any value for them, because their sales representatives were working hard and they had third party agency to go after them. There were many crowdsourcing agencies that were sending people to the stores to double check on sales reps' shelf compliance.

It was expensive! Average price of one store audit for FMCG brand was up to 50-100 USD compared with our less than 1 USD price per one store.

And now industry experts concluded that AI helps to decrease costs by 27% in sales, by 40% in Human Resources and by 36% in supply chain management. All three spheres are connected with what we're doing for the brands. HR: helping to onboard sales reps faster - you get an app where there's no chance that you will do it wrong, Supply chain management: you will know exactly what SKU is missing in which stores and Sales: the more visibility - the more are the sales.

Marketing and retail AI applications pay off for brands

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