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Improve on-shelf presence with Eyrene's AI-powered mobile image recognition technology

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Trusted by the Leaders

We work both with the world's largest brands and with small local challengers seeking a competitive advantage. We respect the unique needs of each client and strive to become a long-term partner in in-store execution improvement.

What Most of Our Customers Get

Most of our customers receive at least 10x return on investment (ROI) after implementing Eyrene. Both the top- and bottom-line are improved. The ROI comes from objective and adequate field staff compensation based on actual in-store KPIs, visit time reduction, and increase in sales due to better shelf presence.

  • 5-10%

    Increase in sales due to more efficiency on all levels.

  • 40-60%

    Reduced audit time compared to manual shelf audit.

  • Up to 4x

    Lower overall costs compared to other leading image recognition solutions for retail.

  • 3 to 5 times

    Lower costs of shelf restocking, no human mistakes, reduced empty spaces (OOS).

  • In 2-4 weeks

    Fully operational system compared to several months, which is considered an industry standard.

What Customers Say

Our clients value the accuracy and speed of image recognition, scalability, and fast and transparent project implementation.

"The advantages of Eyrene are the rapid transition from the testing on dozens and several hundred users to a much larger number, as well as the speed of feedback from the neural network."

Mikhail Platonov, Senior Vice-President, Pepsico

"The project is rolled-out for more than 29k retail outlets, the entire portfolio of key product categories of Nestlé. The SKU recognition accuracy is more than 95%, maximum transparency is ensured at all stages of the process."

Sergey Artamtsev, BPA Manager, Nestlé

"We would like to confirm that Eyrene provides quick, professional, and fair results based on Image Recognition. The main task we’ve been targeting to fulfill is to get accurate location-based insights on the SKU representation."

Peter Nodel, Head of Sales Information Support, Henkel

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We invite you to book a time for a product demo with us so that you can see for yourself why our product stands out from the rest. By contacting Eyrene, you agree to the Privacy Policy.

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Fast, Accurate, Scalable, and Secure Technology

  • 1-2 seconds

    Average image recognition time on a modern budget smartphone, e.g. Samsung A30 or iPhone SE 2.

  • 96% SKU accuracy

    Product recognition accuracy at the SKU level, including correct category, brand, taste, size, etc. classification. Proven by daily accuracy checks and reported on a powerful accuracy dashboard. 

  • 98% price accuracy

    Reading both "dollars" and "cents" from price tags, printed and hand-written, in the range of $0.01 to $100,000.00. Proven by daily accuracy checks and reported on a powerful accuracy dashboard. 

  • 25M images / month

    Proven throughput of a single project.

  • 99.95% uptime

    Proven by automatic status dashboard shipped with every project.

  • 99.3% crash free users

    On Android and iOS, according to Google Crashlytics.

Simple and Fair Pricing

Eyrene is the first retail computer vision vendor providing simple per-visit pricing as low as $0.19 per visit. No hidden costs and no strings attached. This allows our clients to easily manage their budgets and return on investment. Try it and you’ll never want to pay for an IT service any other way.
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$0.19 per visit*

$ per user

$0.19 per visit*

or less depending on the project size
  • ✓
    Unlimited number of images
  • ✓
    Unlimited number of users
  • ✓
    New product training
  • ✓
    Default BI dashboards
  • ✓
    Customer support
  • ✓
    All integrations and API
  • ✓
    Performance and uptime SLA
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