Price per visit vs price per photo

published on 09 August 2022

Some years ago, the pioneers in Image Recognition had an interesting business model (some things, however, remained unchanged). They've been charging per photo recognized from 20 cents to 60 cents. Surprisingly they have differentiation in price per different categories: there are "easy" and "complicated" categories. 

The first generation of IR companies typically labeled soft packages by complicated categories. But why are they difficult to recognize? Trust me: computer vision is indifferent to the objects to be recognized; it's never tired. The accuracy across the categories could be different, but the costs are the same. 

But people are getting tired of identifying soft packages, and sometimes it takes 30 seconds to fix IR errors and send a report to the sales representative and, in some cases, up to a minute. 

In Eyrene, we don't have different prices per soft package recognition and beer category, for instance. Every time you as a company see a price linked with the number of photos, one thing you can be sure of: there's an army of workers sitting in front of their desktops and doing their best to "automate" share of shelf or planogram compliance report

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