Eyrene supports Nokia 3310 now

published on 01 April 2022

Eyrene announces Nokia 3310 support for its on-device computer vision engine. One of the most successful mobile phones ever, with 126 million units sold worldwide, the Nokia 3310 is a long-requested addition to Android and iOS devices supported by Eyrene.


"Our mission is to help every merchandiser in their work. We know that many of our users use low-end mobile phones. Therefore, we attach great importance to optimizing our applications for various platforms. Image recognition support on the Nokia 3310 is an important step forward to our goal," said Alexander Berenov, Founder and CEO of Eyrene.

"The 1 KB of memory on this device was a major limiting factor for neural network inference, and we had to use all our model compression and optimization methods to make it work," says Daria Petelina, mobile computer vision engineer with Eyrene. "the lack of a camera was another hurdle we overcame."

Contact us to get Eyrene for Nokia 3310.

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